GameSwag is a small business operating out of Santa Maria, California. The company was started in the living room of a 2 bedroom apartment by 2 former college athletes who couldn't stop talking about the glory days.

JP Maestas & Shawn Winters met when they were 7 years old playing youth basketball together in the small town of Santa Maria, CA. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school JP & Shawn competed with & against each other fiercely in a multitude of different sports. Their respect for the game and friendship continued to grow through competition and mutual respect. After competing together in high school they each set out on their own path, with JP serving as a stand-out baseball player in college, and Shawn making his name in collegiate football. They reunited years later under the similar mission, to showcase who they were as individuals and what team sports did to enhance their lives. Game Swag was born. JP & Shawn created Game Swag to share the confidence, passion and pride that team sports gave them and to inspire as many individuals as possible.

Game Swag was formed with the individual in mind. Each player that makes up a team brings something unique that allows that team to be more than they could without them. Each player provides strengths to the team that extend beyond the foul lines. Game Swag aims to highlight the individual without disrupting the team chemistry. Game Swag, Be Different.


This embodies who we are as a company. We can never lose sight of who we are, where we came from, and what experiences shaped our lives. We can capture these moments and put them on display for the world to see. It's ok to be different. Its important to realize that our differences bring strength where others may be weak. Its our duty to embrace that and help lead our team to victory.